Finca El Bosque - Nicaragua Micro Lot


Pomegranate, lime.

San Fernando is located around 24 kilometres from
the region’s capital ‘Ocotal’ and of the 10,000
residents, the vast majority are coffee farmers.

Finca El Bosque - which translates to “the forest” -
lies on the mountainous slopes in the Nuevo Segovia
region on the border of Honduras,

The environment is incredibly wild and coffee grows
densely amongst shade trees of banana and inga,
Of the 140 hectares that make up El Bosque, only
30 of them are allocated for coffee production.

The rest of the land has been set aside for the
growth of different varieties of pine and oak, and
it is this factor along with a clear commitment to
sustainable environmental practicethat has
resulted in Rainforest Alliance certification for
El Bosque.

All power on the farm is provided by solar panels
and a rainwater harvesting tank.

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