Finca La Joya - Costa Rica


chocolate, lime and floral

Diego is the third generation running
the farm, nowadays he helps his father
Javier on managing. Diego has been
changing the traditional varieties for
new and exotic ones, such as Geisha,
Ovata and F1. F1 represents a small
part of the farm as it still testing
variety for Diego. After the results
from 2015/2016 he has decided to plant
more F1 trees at his farm.

The F1 variety is a hybrid created by
crossing Rumesudan and Ethiopian

Diego decided to make ahoney process
out of this lot because cherries ripened
late in the harvest (Late Jan 2016) and
he considered based on his experience
that a honey would return a better
profile. Coffee was dried on drying beds
for a lapse of 20 days.

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